Brainware Intelligent Capture

Automate mailroom processes with intelligent document classification

Brainware Intelligent Capture significantly reduces manual intervention with automated classification technology. It automatically classifies scanned documents based on their content, extracts key fields for indexing and then moves the documents into the appropriate workflow and archive or DMS.

Brainware Intelligent Capture integrates intelligent recognition into the front end at the point of scanning — automatically distinguishing between checks, invoices, orders and other forms of mail — and processing the items according to your predefined business rules.

With intelligent document classification, you'll:

  • Automate the entire process, from scanning and delivering the image via workflow to exporting extracted data to the appropriate business system
  • Extract much of the data needed to process any piece of mail
  • Drastically reduce the need for exception handling and error correction with industry-leading accuracy
  • Remove the most time-consuming steps related to document preparation and scanning
  • Eliminate entry points for human error while cutting labor costs associated with manual processing

Brainware Overview Video

Learn how Brainware intelligently captures critical data off of incoming documents to minimize manual data entry and increase process efficiency.

Document Capture

AIIM Whitepaper: Turning Documents into Data – using data capture to improve document processing

Discover how finding the right automated document capture solution transforms your processes by:

  • Eliminating manual data entry and document routing
  • Increasing data accuracy and speeding access to that data
  • Increasing document volume without adding staff

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