The benefits of the intelligent capture process

Brainware intelligent capture helps get the data that fuels your organization from incoming content and documents into your core systems and applications faster. With information available at their fingertips, your employees can provide a superior experience to the people and customers you serve.

By ensuring employees are always working with the most accurate data and minimizing manual touch points throughout business processes, Brainware gives you a competitive edge that enables you to:

  • Realize immediate, tangible cost savings: Reduce labor costs associated with manual document preparation and data entry – while cutting the costs associated with storing and handling paper documents.
  • Improve the speed of critical business processes: Get data into your core systems faster to accelerate decision making and meet efficiency goals across your organization.
  • Optimize your workforce: Increase the productivity of knowledge workers by moving them away from manual work and onto higher-value tasks. Improve service by providing staff more time with customers and vendors as well as more accurate information at their fingertips

How it works

If you want to take advantage of the full capabilities of your document and data capture processes, your technology needs to go beyond just “reading” data of off an image file. Brainware does just that. It understands a document’s information, automates tasks and improves end-to-end process accuracy by running each document through a series of steps:

1. Classification

The first step in any capture process is identifying and sorting through incoming documents. Before you can understand what data to look for on a page, or where to send that document for further processing and review, you need to understand what it is.

Brainware uses a number of methods for document classification, but underneath everything it leverages an intelligence engine that can read the page like a human. Brainware has the ability to identify patterns in content and understand the layout of different document types.

As it continues to see different documents types, it compares them to better define the characteristics specific to each type. The software only needs to see a small subset of documents to understand what could uniquely classify a given type. With that, it can then generalize and apply that classification to many more variations by word occurrence on a page, color space separation and image classification.

2. Extraction

After capturing and classifying documents, Brainware automatically and accurately extracts the critical information - including machine printed, hand-printed or bar coded values. To achieve this, Brainware data capture leverages the following technologies:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR): Extracts machine-printed and handwritten characters
  • Optical mark recognition (OMR): Determines a selection from a list of choices (i.e. check boxes and filled circles)
  • Bar code recognition (BCR): Extracts data from bar codes on the document

3. Verification

Data must be accurate the moment it is ingested into your systems to avoid costly mistakes down the road. But asking staff to jump between systems and manually review related information wastes time and money.

Brainware extracts information from documents and provides a host of methods to ensure the accuracy of extracted data:

  • Using the format of data to understand validity of what is extracted – such as date or an identification number – with easily configurable rules per field
  • Performing mathematical functions, as well as other configured rules in accordance with your business processes
  • Matching lifted values with those already existing in your other systems and databases
  • Leveraging intelligence referred to as fault tolerant search to match extracted values with near matches in back-end systems
  • Learning from historical and real-time data corrections and manual data entry to improve its ability to capture information accurately

Brainware flags any exceptions and presents them to verifiers alongside the document, allowing staff to easily and quickly correct or validate the data field in question. Once validated, Brainware immediately delivers the documents and data to your other systems.

4. Integration and Delivery

After capturing and validating the critical information, it is important to make the information and documents easily accessible to those who need them.

Brainware integrates with your other systems – like an ERP or SIS – to automatically pass information on to and update them. And, it can integrate directly to document and content management systems, such as OnBase by Hyland, to deliver document images. It can also send the associated information into those systems to automate document indexing.

Intelligent automation driven by data capture

Brainware doesn’t just stop at extracting data from documents. It goes the extra mile by automatically verifying that data is accurate and sending it off to the right people in your organization. From the moment documents enter your organization, Brainware uses its intelligence to remove manual steps, increase efficiency and boost accuracy.

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