The Brainware advantage

Brainware by Hyland provides your organization with the intelligent capture tools it needs to drive digital transformation. From document capture to data extraction to process automation, it helps to ensure the front end of your processes get off on the right foot.

But what sets Brainware apart from other intelligent capture systems?

Brainware puts the intelligence in intelligent capture

To develop the right solution, you need the right people. That’s why Hyland employs a team of PhD scientists with backgrounds in neuroscience, physics and engineering to design and develop the intelligence that drives Brainware. They leverage expert knowledge of the human brain and sensory processing to inspire the engines and algorithms built into the solution. That knowledge combined with more than 15 years of software development experience and decades of working together makes it clear they are the right team for the job.

To create the solution we see today, the Brainware team developed a neural network of 13 different engines and algorithms that:

  • Improve image quality prior to document classification and data extraction
  • Create reliable machine learning to continuously improve and accelerate document classification
  • Enable human-like pattern recognition to boost data extraction accuracy
Pattern recognition vs. templates

Brainware intelligent capture provides a solution that can extract data from all kinds of information sources – from a form with consistent data points to an email to a handwritten note – without the need to build out templates or zones that explain exactly where to look.

To achieve this, Hyland designed Brainware to approach data capture as the human mind does – through pattern recognition. Like looking at a document with blurry vision, Brainware can see where clusters of tabular data lie and focus on those for extraction. The technology identifies patterns of important information, such as where data lies within a table, so that no matter how large that table of information is or how many times the table is repeated across pages, the software can easily find, identify and correctly extract information.

A solution that can learn

Brainware “learns” over time, so it only needs to see a few sample pages to begin classifying document types and finding the required information on each page. The software learns from historical and real-time data corrections and manual data entry to improve its ability to capture information accurately. It notices where staff grab specific data points from, as well as where they don’t, to learn the context to look for in the future.

The more you use Brainware, the more efficient it becomes at finding and interpreting data on each information source that goes through your organization.

Understanding imperfection

Working directly with other systems and databases, Brainware is able to understand when information is misspelled or slightly changed on incoming content. Using intelligence called fault tolerant search, it can validate extracted values against back-end databases even without exact matches.

For example, the vendor’s description of products on an invoice may be different from those in your ERP. Brainware’s intelligence can understand where two different descriptions could still be referring to the same item and validate the quantity or amount invoiced against what was ordered without staff needing to manually check.

With built-in intelligence backed by a team of dedicated scientists, Brainware offers a world-class intelligent capture solutions for organizations in every industry.

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