Novell GroupWise

Increase efficiency, streamline processes with GroupWise email integration

With the Novell GroupWise email integration, users access contend stored in OnBase directly from their email interface.

As a result, users take advantage of multiple methods for uploading emails and related attachments by dragging and dropping them into an OnBase folder. OnBase then automatically indexes the content using keyword field mapping, eliminating manual data entry and any errors associated with it.

In addition, users can retrieve documents stored in OnBase directly from GroupWise, reducing staff training while increasing user adoption.

GroupWise email integration connects email with related business processes

By using the OnBase and Novell GroupWise integration, a single copy of an email and attachment is managed in OnBase. This makes it available to any OnBase users, regardless of their preferred interface.

From their familiar GroupWise interface, users can also:

  • Store email in a variety of formats including Plain Text, Rich Text or EML
  • Launch workflows to accelerate business processes
  • Attach OnBase documents to email messages directly from the message ribbon

Cut costs by reducing processing times with GroupWise email integration

OnBase automatically triggers specific business processes once staff upload emails and related attachments. Afterward, OnBase automatically sends email notifications to specified users regarding processing documents. This allows staff to drive business processes directly from the GroupWise interface.

By giving staff access to process and manage documents directly from GroupWise, organizations increase service levels while eliminating process bottlenecks.

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