Wasatch County transforms agenda management

Wasatch County transforms agenda management

Hear Don Wood, IT director at Wasatch County, describe how automation and online access improved the agenda management process.

Video Transcription

Don Wood, IT Director of Wasatch County

Basically we are looking for a process where we can automate and hold people accountable to the process of generating agendas so they would be able to have a system that would allow us to put information online – make it available to our constituents, make it available to our council members - in a way that we could control:

• when things were posted • when things were removed • we could add items • we could take items off • we could attach documentation

So, that we wouldn't have to provide all the copies of the meetings and such. We would be able to actually provide those links via the web; allow people to educate themselves before they attend the meetings.

It allows us to interact with constituents a lot better than we have in the past. Before with paper, if you wanted to see the document that was talked about in a meeting or if you wanted to view the PowerPoint and some other thing that were presented at the meeting; you had to be at the meeting. Now, we can attach those documents to the agenda and allows our constituents to be able to participate in the process even though the meeting may still be weeks away or maybe the meeting has been 2 weeks past.