Find a partner, not just a vendor, to further your IT strategy

Hackensack University Medical Center’s Chief Information Officer, Dr. Shafiq Rab, talks about the value of working with a vendor who shares your organization’s vision.

Video Transcription

Dr. Shafiq Rab, Vice President and CIO of Hackensack University Medical Center

When we look at vendors, we look at whether we have an alignment with our philosophy. Our philosophy is that patient is the most important thing on this planet. We are here to serve the patients; we are here to make the lives of the patients better. Our job is to make the experience of the patient better. Because with patient, I could be a patient, my mother could be a patient, my wife can be a patient, my child could be a patient. So, when we look at vendors and partners who work with us, first things we look at is do they share the same philosophy. Number two are they out of the box thinker. That means do they look at the problem and say, ‘ah-ha, let’s work to make a solution for that problem that will enhance the patient experience’. Third we look at companies who think that they can change the world. Either they are innovative or to what level they will go to resolve that problem. So that is the second thing, in a vendor that is a person or a partner we don’t call them vendors, we call them partners and friends and we grow with them and they grow with us. Because we are all trying to do one common thing. We are all trying to make healthcare effective. We are trying to solve the conundrum of decreasing the cost; we are trying to make sure that the outcomes are better for our love ones. So, it is a one family, it is one cause, it is one enemy and we are looking for one victory.