Driving Better Outcomes for Workers’ Compensation


Accidents happen. Every day.

Those injured on the job are often consumed by uncertainty. How long will they be away from work? Will it affect their pay? Where will they get the help they need?

Road to recovery begins with the OnBase and Guidewire

OnBase and Guidewire help provide the answers.

They work together to help injured workers get back on the job faster by allowing real-time collaboration between wellness professionals from any location or device.

Oliver’s road to recovery begins with his employer. His employer accesses the insurer’s Guidewire Portal to submit forms and related documentation electronically.

Physician works in the line-of-business applications she is used to

Oliver’s physician uses the portal to input her observations and a treatment plan is recommended.

The physician also receives a list of recommended rehab specialists for Oliver to choose from. Important, since self-determined plans contribute to a quicker recovery.

Before leaving, Oliver receives a link to his personalized return to work plan, securely shared via ShareBase, to his mobile device. Easy access to the employee’s information through the Guidewire and OnBase integration allows the physician to input information about the injury, including forms and digital images, in real time, all within the application she’s used to.

Here, too, the physician inputs diagnose codes to retrieve further rehab recommendations for her patient. In some instances, information is shared with Oliver by email or text via secure links. Based on defined rules, OnBase can create content, like a list of approved, in-network pharmacies, using multiple data sources, and share that with the right individual at the right time.

OnBase and Guidewire, working together seamlessly, now provide a more complete view of Oliver’s claim to those involved.

Claims adjuster can view new claim activity in real time

The claims adjuster can view new activity on the claim and receive updates on Oliver’s injury management plan even as it happens. Leveraging the OnBase integration with Guidewire, he has instant access to the information he needs. He can thoroughly evaluate the claim file and share files with other members of his team.

Everyone helping Oliver knows how much he wants to get back to work, and that includes his rehab specialist.

He accesses Oliver’s information via his tablet, follows the approved treatment plan, and makes note of Oliver’s accelerated progress.

A simple, quick and complete claims process

Oliver’s physician reviews his revised rehab schedule, accessible by all parties, and then conveys it to the adjuster and employer.

Oliver’s progress suggests he is eligible for a reduced task assignment. For Oliver and the employer, it means he can get back to work sooner than expected.

With OnBase and Guidewire working together to eliminate common delays, the claims process becomes simple, quick and complete. For Oliver life returns to normal.