The Earthquake Commission


Our organization, The Earthquake Commission, we’re a first loss insurer for natural disaster in New Zealand for residential properties.

We only signed up to OnBase late in 2016 and went live in May 2017.

We’re currently using OnBase for storing documents from our historic claim system and from a large natural disaster event in Canterbury. We’re also connected through to a new implementation of Guidewire ClaimCenter v.8 and that’s our document store for our new claims.

We want to make information easy to find for all of our users and, eventually, our customers.

We’re already seeing benefits from our Canterbury Information Archive. We’ve got about 8 million documents that we’ve put into the system and through a viewer that also exposes information from our data warehouse. Users can quickly look at this historic information and they love it.

We do see (OnBase) as being an enterprise-wide solution.

Another one of my roles is as Chief Security Officer. We chose the cloud-based solution so that we could make sure it was in a secure datacenter with all the right controls in place. It passed all our government regulations and security accreditation.