Metrohealth & OnBase

Hear from MetroHealth’s David Yarmesch, EMS coordinator, and Robert Muniz, supervisor of Health Information Services, about how the healthcare system uses OnBase to create a future-proof foundation while reducing run report errors by 90 percent, providing increased access to patient information and achieving HIMSS Stage 7.

David Yarmesch, EMS Coordinator at The MetroHealth System

I started working in healthcare almost 26 years ago with a local community hospital in the radiology department as a transporter and orderly.

Most EMS pre-hospital run reports were all handwritten and since then times have changed significantly so it’s a huge leap in 17 years that the reports are done electronically. OnBase has allowed us to actually have those electronic patient care reporting systems to be immediately transported and indexed into the OnBase pool. OnBase allows us to capture the electronic patient care reporting system from the pre-hospital environment and have it directly indexed into Epic, our EMR system at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Roberto Muniz, Supervisor of Health Information Services at The MetroHealth System

What OnBase does for doctors, is basically they could look at records simultaneously with no issues, no conflict. So, if Doctor A and Doctor B want to look at your chart, they can both look at it at the same time in different areas of the hospital. We had seen a reduction in missing reports of near 80 – 90 %. We now have improved pre-hospital relationships with all EMS, fire and private ambulances because we’re not having to get on the phone with them consistently and they ask for any misplaced or poorly faxed wrong reports.

Since implementing OnBase we’ve gone from filing 3000 plus charts on a daily basis to literally less than 200. What I do now is just concentrate on giving the best customer service to a patient here in MetroHealth. What’s special here is that OnBase has allowed me to leverage my position to go out and interact more frequently with fire and EMS departments, it allows me to focus more on the mission and vision of MetroHealth which is the opportunity to serve others.

OnBase has:

  • Achieved HIMSS Stage 7
  • Reduced run report errors by 80-90%
  • All patient files now viewable across the organization
  • Future-proof foundation for improved patient care