Alliant Credit Union's three big steps to optimization with OnBase

Find out how one of the 10 most profitable credit unions in the U.S. took 3 major steps to enterprise-wide optimization.

Video Transcription

Meet Alliance, one of the 10 most profitable credit unions in the US with 380,000 plus members. Before 2011, Alliance Enterprise content management solution wasn't keeping up – manual processes moved in an eternal pace, one invoice took two to three weeks to process, and they didn't have the security, visibility, and accountability they needed across their organization. How would they transform the way they worked and go paperless by 2020? Enter Hyland with dynamic approach to boosting Alliance processes. First, align integrated OnBase with Symitar – 95% of the documentation is now electronic and can be accessed from multiple systems.

Second, they used OnBase to create powerful workflows for HR, AP, and legal. Now, documents automatically flow through processors; late fused or lower and managers get alerts when contracts are over and offers renewal. Finally, Alliance and Hyland team up to build the fraud management solution that make spreadsheets a thing of the past and reduces monthly fraud reporting time from 4 to 5 hours; to less than 10 minutes. Fraud investigators only need one hour to learn the new system, they have easy access to data and analytics, and multiple analysts can work a single case at the same time. That's a lot of optimization! What more can Alliance possibly do with their new systems, they see even more opportunities for digital development and lending, mobile, and online banking. Turtles belong in a pond and not your critical business processes. Are you ready for optimize processes that match the pace of your business? Visit