Human Resources: Onboarding Beyond the Basics

Doing onboarding right today requires an effective process combined with emerging technology tools.

Human Resources professionals recognize the importance of new employee onboarding, but often struggle to get it right. For many organizations, the source of the problem is overlooking or undervaluing the early and even transactional components of onboarding, such as ensuring the new hire has an assigned workspace and access to the tools or technology they need to be productive from the first day. While these steps may seem "basic", they can be far more challenging to get right than one might expect.

This whitepaper from Human Resource Executive® discusses why the "basics" are so important to the employee onboarding experience and how technology solutions can help HR organizations master these critical steps by:

  • Automatically assigning onboarding tasks and deadlines to relevant departments
  • Tracking the status of the onboarding process for each new hire
  • Providing visibility into the process itself to identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities 


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