Whatcom Educational Credit Union improves service, saves $180k annually

Since its founding in 1936, Whatcom Educational Credit Union has been growing steadily. But as the decades passed, storing and managing paper had become costly and difficult. The issue began to affect service, as members often had to wait for staff to retrieve paper documents before processing their transactions. Even for something as simple as verifying a signature, it was possible that members were waiting for up to 20 minutes.

That’s when Whatcom turned to OnBase by Hyland.

In addition to solving Whatcom’s business problems like costly storage space and long member wait times, the OnBase integration for UltraData® Enterprise is so easy to use, users don’t even know they’re working in a separate system. That’s important, as the credit union only wants to use applications that are connected with its core system.

“With OnBase, things don’t fall through the cracks and we provide faster member service,” Patti Moser, IT manager, with Whatcom.

Three ways OnBase changed the way Whatcom does business

How did OnBase change the way Whatcom services its members and speed processes? Here you go:

  • Increases speed and accuracy: Staff immediately access documents and information with a simple mouse-click while staying in familiar screens. And with 65 workflows automatically forwarding documents and information, Whatcom continually optimizes processes.
  • Improves member service: Staff no longer have to call members back or make them wait. Members receive quicker answers and better service.
  • Decreases costs: No longer paying to ship and store paper, Whatcom saves more than $180,000 annually.

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