According to this ebook from global research firm IDC, “intelligent automation must be part of your organization’s overall strategic, well-funded digital transformation initiative.” Why? Your future workplace depends on it.

Work transformation (WX), says IDC, is a “fundamental shift in the creation and delivery of goods and services,” and it’s critical to your ability to scale your digital transformation initiatives. But WX requires the automation and optimization that intelligent automation provides to create a frictionless content flow, immediate access to information and collaboration capabilities.

In this ebook from IDC, you’ll learn:


  • How to determine where your organization is on its digital transformation journey
  • The five dimensions of digital capabilities required to scale your digital transformation initiatives
  • The benefits of automating content workflows
  • How to develop your organization’s content workflow maturity


Using intelligent automation to transform your workplace will create empowered employees, enhanced customer experiences and a competitive edge for your organization. Dig into IDC’s ebook to begin your intelligent automation journey.

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