Faster and more accurate document capture at the source

Every day, organizations receive and process high volumes of information in different formats and from various sources and locations. Being able to capture and manage documents whenever and wherever they are received is crucial in accelerating and streamlining downstream processes.

However, organizations often lack the IT infrastructure and resources to capture information at the first touch point. More commonly, documents are sent to a central location for ingestion, which consumes time and creates a bottleneck at the very start of your workflow.

Hyland Experience Capture (HxC) is an intelligent, web-based scanning, classification and extraction tool. Deployed on the cloud, the application can be downloaded to a desktop wherever it’s needed for on-site or remote scanning.

Learn how HxC helps to:

  • Capture documents from distributed sites the moment they are received for faster downstream processes
  • Improve accuracy and speed up verification processes with OCR and machine learning to reduce manual touchpoints and entry errors
  • Support varying capture needs, from one-off scanning to large batches, by leveraging the capabilities of your existing scanner
  • Deliver continuous value through enhancements and upgrades to meet your capture needs today and in the future

Simple, fast and intuitive, HxC accelerates the capture process as early as possible, optimizing downstream processes from the beginning. Download the product summary to learn how HxC can give your capture process a headstart!