Hyland and Iron Mountain bring you Governance Rules as a Service

Your OnBase enterprise information management system is critical to keeping your organization’s information secure and accessible. But that same information may be personal, confidential or subject to regulations. Ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands requires strategies for destroying information when it’s no longer needed.

Hyland and Iron Mountain are revolutionizing this process with Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS). By leveraging the Iron Mountain Policy Center solution, GRaaS:
Applies aggregated, updated retention regulations and citations to all relevant documents in OnBase
Ensures data within documents stored in OnBase is in compliance
Provides aggregated information governance policies with simple descriptions
Enables OnBase to completely automate the destruction of documents per regulatory guidelines 

Your organization can eliminate the costly, time-consuming legal consultation required to create an exhaustive document retention strategy. Learn how in this GRaaS solution summary. 



View the solution summary to learn more