Hyland and Iron Mountain present a new solution for managing and meeting government compliance standards

From our OnBase customers, we’ve learned that if there’s one area all companies who deal with governance rules can agree on, it’s that keeping up with governance rules can be confusing, time-consuming and difficult. The rules change, the goal posts move and every time a new employee joins the team, it’s like an entire book on the subject needs to be downloaded to them.

In this ebook, “Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS),” the newest solution for managing and meeting government compliance standards is brought to life. Together with Iron Mountain®, Hyland is launching GRaaS. Through Iron Mountain’s Policy Center, GRaaS delivers an automated technology powerhouse that applies all the rules your organization needs to know to every relevant document in OnBase. The partnership includes features such as:

  • An international network of law firms that researches compliance regulations
  • Policy Center expertise that includes an aggregation of governance policies, along with why they matter and how to comply
  • Automated document retention monitoring and execution
  • Securing documents that are at risk when handled manually or as part of a paper-based process

GRaaS brings heightened clarity and efficiency to governance, an often-cumbersome process. With team members empowered to do their job with more confidence, more direction and a simpler workflow — all within their comfortable OnBase platform — governance compliance becomes easier than ever.

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