Alfresco Cloud

Digital business platform-as-a-service

Digital transformation remains a top priority for most organizations, but enterprises often find a large percentage of their IT budget is devoted to infrastructure and “keeping the lights on”. Meanwhile, IT departments also need to contend with a growing list of challenges — spurring many businesses to move their content management into the cloud.

Find out why Digital Business Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is the logical next step in managing content, process and governance in the cloud. Modern, modular and cloud-native offerings like Alfresco Cloud provides a modern environment for developing and deploying content-centric solutions — without the cost and complexity of on-premises legacy applications.

Download the ebook and how to leverage Digital Business PaaS to meet digital transformation priorities and achieve business goals faster, more securely and at less cost. You’ll learn:

  • Advantages of Digital Business PaaS over legacy enterprise content management systems
  • Key criteria to look for when selecting a content services platform
  • Steps to take for successful content migration