Insurers need to rethink the claims environment for the digital age. The nature of the business capabilities required are evolving as the demands from claimants, policyholders, and partners change with the times. The primary functional capabilities for managing claims are still mandatory, from the first notice of loss through settlement and recovery.

However, the way those capabilities are delivered, the speed at which they must be accomplished, and the network of parties involved are changing in ways that require insurers to step back and reimagine claims for the digital age. The capabilities that insurers must develop can be organized into those that are more customer centric or those that are more operationally focused. 

The ability to efficiently create personalized communications and the flexibility to deliver them through the channel and device of the user’s choice is rapidly becoming table stakes. All manner of inbound and outbound communications must be supported in a timely manner (statements, e-mails, correspondence, text messages, and more).

Read this Perspective by SMA (Strategy Meets Action) to learn more about the business capabilities for insurers in the transformation of P&C claims.

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