Modernizing the transfer process

Three ways automating transcript processing improves the student and staff experience

With ongoing operational and campus disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are facing a challenging landscape for growing student enrollment and meeting their targeted goals. As a result, institutions are seeking ways to better attract and enroll more transfer students.

But time-consuming, manual methods for reviewing transcripts and course equivalencies often result in transfer students waiting long periods for answers on their admission status. Students have many education options available to them, so delivering a seamless, timely transfer process can be critical as to whether a student chooses your institution over another.

In this article, we explore the three ways automating transcript processing enables you to:

  • Save time and resources by eliminating manual data entry
  • Speed up decision making through accelerated course evaluation and verification
  • Get a complete view of student information by consolidating data

It all adds up to faster, more efficient and more accurate credit evaluation decisions — and a better experience for students so they are more likely to enroll at your institution for their academic path.