How cloud migration delivers A+ results for higher education

Why future-focused institutions prioritize cloud

With the rapid changes in the higher education landscape, using the cloud is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s a game-changer. For colleges and universities with an eye on the future, modernizing their systems to make them cloud-compatible is a key consideration for growth.

Find out what matters to growth-focused higher education institutions when it comes to cloud. In this infographic, you’ll learn:

  • How leading institutions are already leveraging cloud technology to improve efficiency
  • Why cloud deployment is a catalyst for digital transformation
  • Hyland Cloud’s impact on ROI, speed and productivity

Discover why leveraging the cloud is the logical next step in higher education transformation. With the Hyland Cloud, your institution can stay ahead of the game.


"The point-and-click ability of our solution in the Hyland Cloud, which helps us to avoid hiring specialized programmers, was a driving factor for our purchase. If you want to build something for a different team, you can."

— Senior project manager, higher education institution