Over the past two years, COVID-19 significantly disrupted the student experience when campus life shut down at most higher education institutions. With the uncertainty of when universities would return to normal, many schools saw decreased enrollments and fewer transfer students as some chose to take a gap year or enroll at a community college.

Because transfer students are integral to helping universities grow tuition revenue and meet enrollment objectives, providing a seamless, streamlined transfer pathway is more important now than ever before. But staff can struggle to make timely decisions if they are bogged down in outdated, paper-based methods of reviewing transcripts and course equivalencies.

Transfer students typically ask four key questions as they make their decision to enroll at your school or another institution. Discover how automated transcript processing helps you answer those questions and deliver timely, accurate decisions that enhance the transfer pathway and student experience.

Download the ebook to learn the top four questions students ask when transferring colleges — and how automating transcript capture and evaluation helps deliver the answers.

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