Five Reasons to Automate Transcript Capture and Evaluation

Five data-driven reasons it’s time to treat your admissions team to a high-impact software solution.

The race is on in higher-ed for great service to stakeholders, best-fit student admissions processes and highly effective data processing. Is your team leading, playing catch-up or falling behind?

In this infographic, we lay out five reasons it feels like your team is burning out from another year of doing their jobs. It’s not a lack of talent, work ethic or even management — it’s a process problem. Admissions teams at higher education institutions are confronting a massive increase in data coming at them: more applications, more transcripts and more transfers looking for answers. All this data can’t be handled the old-fashioned way; it needs to be automated and organized.

For admissions teams dedicated to getting the job done right, there are software solutions that meet all their needs. Efficient management of admissions documents and information positively impacts your team, but it also says something to the students, parents and co-workers who interact with you: your school is tech-savvy, tech-forward and leaning into delivering a stellar student experience. With an automated transcript capture software in place, you can:

  • Provide faster answers on admission status, course equivalencies, financial aid and more
  • Free staff from tedious and unending data entry
  • Slash the manual review process

Outstanding students look for outstanding schools, and if your admissions process sets an unimpressive tone, that can be a tipping point. Give your admissions team the solution it needs to get its job done efficiently, quickly and proudly.

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