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Governance for Decision-Making, Who's on First?

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Today, healthcare operates in a complex array of applications that bring together the vital information to care for patients, and also produce output to memorialize that care. The creation of documentation can have unintended consequences when decisions are not in lock-step with current practices and organization policies. Too often, when committee charters are developed they are outlined with a single purpose. In fact, a governance structure should have avenues to and from various channels, depending on issues that arise during committee discussion. Integrating specific committee charters into an organizational-wide IT governance strategy allows alignment with higher level senior personas across the organization and insures that organizational vision, guiding principles, and top strategies are in alignment with recommendations, plans and operational strategies. This presentation will focus on the integration and consequences when governance fails to integrate vertically across the healthcare organization.

Reduce cost and improve clinical outcomes with Intelligent Automation

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Sifting through piles of external medical records to properly classify them for patient care is tedious and tiresome. How can you free your HIM staff for more productive work? Join us for a webinar to:

  • Learn how to dramatically improve HIM effectiveness and accuracy through intelligent automation
  • Understand the impact of automation to exponentially expand the number of records processed (in significantly less time and at less cost)
  • Consider three flexible options to improve HIM effectiveness and expedite records classification

Six Considerations When Selecting a Content and Process Management Provider

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When it comes to improving how your organization manages processes and information, today’s technology landscape is considerably more diverse than the ECM market of the yesteryear. Choosing wisely will ensure that the investment of time, effort, and budgets will pay off and not result in a failed implementation or lack of user adoption.  Join us to discuss some of the key considerations when choosing your next solution as well as the common pitfalls and exciting new capabilities to consider.

Optimizing Your Imaging Approach for the Covid-19 Fight
Presented by HealthsystemCIO.com

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One of the main ways health systems are battling the Covid-19 fight is ensuring that as many clinicians and other employees can work remotely as possible. And, as anyone who has seen frightening images of Covid-19-damaged lungs knows, imaging has been and will continue to play a huge role in the fight. Taken together, those two factors mean it's critical to optimize your remote reading capability for radiologists and others who need access. In this timely webinar, we'll hear imaging experts offer guidance on how to ensure those who want to care for patients at home can do so. 

Connected Care and the State of Interoperability in Healthcare: New Insights and Best Practices
Presented by HIMSS

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Achieving interoperability between disparate IT systems is a priority among health care providers throughout the United States. According to a recent HIMSS survey of IT and Clinical leaders, progress is being made while also addressing challenges associated with connecting new standards-based technology. View this on-demand session to hear the results from new research on the state of connected care and interoperability and, to learn more about:

  • The state of health information technology interoperability today
  • The goals driving interoperability improvement
  • The obstacles getting in the way of improving interoperability
  • Steps to deliver a more connected care experience

Covid-19 Update: Stories & Lessons From the Front Lines of IT
Presented by HealthsystemCIO.com

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The Covid-19 pandemic constitutes one of the greatest crises to hit the US healthcare system in history. As such, there’s no playbook that instructs IT professional on what to do. But that hasn’t stopped CIOs and other executives from figuring things out as they go along, on the front lines, in the trenches with their teams. In this timely webinar, hear leaders share their unfolding Covid-19 war stories — both the battles they’ve won and lost — so you can be better prepared for your fight.

Support for Medical Records Indexing and Validation during COVID-19

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We understand that this unprecedented time has led to staff shortages and fluctuations. To help support our OnBase customers, Hyland is offering medical records indexing and validation services through secure, remote access into your OnBase system. In this on-demand session, hear from our panelists how to deploy the indexing and validation services on a monthly basis and then, if you choose, discontinue use after resuming normal operations. You may also elect to expand use of Intelligent MedRecords technology and/or services to provide continuous automation of indexing, validation and EMR integration for classified medical records.