PACSgear Overview

Improve connectivity with an enterprise-class image capture and connectivity solution

Connectivity is often hindered by roadblocks in the form of manual processes, disparate systems and information silos. These hindrances slow down workflow and burden clinicians, which can impact patient care. 

The key to achieving connectivity? Choosing the right tools. PACSgear offers the capability to capture, connect and share images across the health system. This scalable, configurable suite of solutions can be deployed for single departments and across large health systems. It can also be managed and configured from any web-based workstation facilitating maintenance, deployment and expansion. 

In this ebook, you’ll learn how PACSgear facilitates:

  • Visible light scope Mobile image and video capture
  • Creating a DICOM modality worklist
  • And more
Ensure your healthcare organization has the image capture and connectivity tools it needs. Read the ebook to discover how PACSgear can benefit your organization

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