Enhancing the Constituent Application Process in 8 Steps

All interactions between constituents and agencies initiate with a request that’s processed through a series of steps for decisions and approvals. But when these processes cause delays and fail to meet expectations, it results in a poor, frustrating experience for constituents.

In today’s challenging environment, improving applicating processing and the constituent experience requires more than just changing your internal processes. You need an innovative technology that supports both front- and back-office processes in an efficient, flexible and seamless way. This government workbook covers:

  • Key performance indicators that will help you assess how your agency is performing in critical areas
  • Tips on improving your performance in each of the critical areas to speed applications and decision-making for a better constituent experience
  • Case studies on how two government agencies successfully improved internal operations to better serve their constituents

Are you ready to assess how your current constituent application processes compare to public sector benchmarks?

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