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Infographic: Modernizing government for the future of work

What industry leaders say is key for reimagining the citizen and employee experience.

Attracting and retaining skilled staff is an emerging challenge for many state and local government agencies. Today’s employees expect flexible work models and the ability to perform their duties at any time, from anywhere — options that are difficult to provide with paper-based, manual methods.

In this infographic that uses insights from the Future of Work survey that the Center for Digital Government conducted for Hyland, you’ll learn:

  • How workforce trends are evolving toward digital and away from manual processes
  • State/local agencies’ top modernization priorities, including a focus on citizen experience
  • Top tools needed to deliver digital services, from automated workflows to web portals

A modern content services solution can help your agency automate processes, modernize legacy systems and increase efficiencies to thrive in the digital future.


66% of employees prefer a hybrid or remote working model, but 33% say most of their processes are still performed manually.