Federation and “in-place” records management

The keys to solving the top five content challenges in enterprise information governance

In the past, content storage meant filing cabinets and maybe a shared network drive. Today, the volume and variety of content have exploded, as has its locations — dozens of siloed applications, both on-premises and in the cloud; disparate content management systems; even individual user desktops all house ungoverned information. The complexity, inefficiency, risk and cost all make this content chaos untenable.

This ebook looks at modern information governance and how digital content management solutions like federated search and manage-in-place services can help organizations:

  • Combat the sprawl and chaos of siloed content
  • Improve e-discovery with enterprise-wide search
  • Minimize disruption when migrating content
  • Increase user adoption of records management
  • Save costs on storage without compromising compliance or data quality

79% of organizations believe that process automation is critical to their success, yet 27% of organizations have no integration between their ECM system and other systems.

— AIIM, “Developing an Information Strategy Means Rethinking Your Approach to Content Integration,” 2017

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