Federal legacy IT systems are becoming increasingly obsolete and too costly to maintain. According to a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the IT spend on maintenance alone takes up 75 percent of the federal budget.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, aging systems are unable to support upgrades required for future success. Not only have they outlived their effectiveness, but they also pose significant security risks, hinder interoperability with other systems and impact overall performance.

It is imperative that agencies assess their current systems to resolve these issues. This fact sheet provides a guide on how to plan and prioritize your legacy system modernization with:

  • A checklist of questions to assess the effectiveness of your existing systems
  • Six modern technology solutions to fix your legacy issues

Navigate the challenges of legacy systems with a strategic modernization solution that delivers huge returns – agility, scalability and cost-efficiency. Download this fact sheet to kickstart your transformation for a digital future.


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