Constituent case management for human services and public assistance

Speed applications, eligibility determinations and decisions to improve service delivery

Case management workloads continue to stress the capacity and resources of health and human services (HHS) programs. But relying on paper-based processes and outdated legacy systems pose a significant challenge for public assistance agencies to efficiently manage social services.

Explore how HHS agencies can leverage Hyland’s content services platform to improve agency processes and service delivery to constituents. With a comprehensive suite of capabilities and tools, Hyland enables HHS agencies to:

  • Speed applications and decisions through digital transformation
  • Modernize systems with a centralized platform
  • Enhance citizen engagement via digital channels

Enable case workers to focus on the important work of helping people in need by eliminating manual tasks that slow processes down and centralizing information on a single platform to improve efficiencies and collaboration. Download the agency map to learn more!