Checklist: Is your agency ready for the future of work?

6 must-haves for digital transformation

COVID-19 ushered in a technological revolution that forced all sectors to re-examine decades-old policies around when, where and how employees get their jobs done. Telework, hybrid models and flex time emerged as viable solutions that combined productivity and efficiency with employee satisfaction and work/life balance.

Is your agency equipped with the tools necessary to empower the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce?

In this fact sheet, we outline six questions you should ask to determine how prepared your agency is for evolving workforce dynamics. Then, we explore the ways an agile, scalable content services platform can help your agency adapt and thrive into the future.

“If you had asked me three years ago about the future of work, I would have said, ‘It’s still a decade away.’ Now we’re sitting in the middle of it. The future of work is now, and it matters.”

— James McQuivey, VP, Research Director, Forrester