Accela and OnBase work together for better collaboration and land management processes

Governmental bodies want technology that will save them valuable time, money and usability headaches. With a rapidly changing software landscape, many organizations look to integrations that will drive value and deliver results.

In the OnBase for Accela Building and Planning solution summary, we talk about the pain points faced by many land management teams when it comes to document management, like:

  • Accessibility limitations
  • Lost or overlooked revisions
  • Inability to share important content

For team members tired of using software that fosters efficiency-killing workflow problems, the OnBase enterprise information platform makes it possible to boost the power and usability of your current Accela software through a simple integration. For instance, Accela users partnering with OnBase can benefit from:

  • Instant document access — in the field, in the office and on any screen, mobile or otherwise, OnBase makes it easier to work in today’s world of convenient tech.
  • Automated revision control — all document details are managed, from who’s accessed it to ensuring documents aren’t altered after approval.
  • Faster plan review — the entire review process is tracked so reviews, markups and drawings are fully transparent and don’t get lost.

More than 1,000 government customers deploy OnBase to boost productivity and constituent service. Download the OnBase for Accela Building and Planning solution summary for the details on how your team can recapture the ultimate resource: time.