Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

Faster document access saves housing and finance authority $1 million annually

Electronic documents save time, money and improve the customer and partner experience

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) works to increase the availability of accessible housing and provides financial assistance to small businesses as part of its mission to help people and businesses succeed.

The paperwork to accomplish this is almost as big as the job itself. A single file ranges from 300 pages for a single-family loan to more than 7,000 pages for a commercial loan.

Discover how Hyland’s content services platform helped the agency overcome slow document retrieval, time-consuming compliance requirements and difficulty working with customers and partners to:

  • Save $1 million annually
  • More easily comply with regulations and audits
  • Improve customer and partner experiences
  • Allow employees to be three times more productive

Learn how CHFA did it.