A really good content services provider is going to be able to connect all these different silos of information and bring them all together to one central point.” 
– Stephen Comer, director of financial services and insurance sales at Hyland

In a world where there’s so much focus on technology, it’s important for member-focused organizations to get back to basics: member experience. 

How can that human-centric priority be bolstered by an effective content services platform? In this CUmanagement.com podcast interview with Hyland’s director of financial services and insurance sales, Stephen Comer, the question of how technology impacts that critical member experience is uncovered. 

Comer brings a depth of technical knowledge as well as savvy business strategy to the discussion as he provides insight on the efficiency revolution taking over credit unions that adopt robust content services. In this show, Comer:

  • Defines “core system” and how it interacts with a content services platform: for example, for credit unions, the core system is often the loan origination system.
  • Examines the goal of enterprise content management systems: to take a holistic view of the entire transaction and all the people that are involved in the transaction, and then effectively bring all the pieces together.
  • Connects member experience with top-tier technology: “Anywhere in a process that you can connect information faster —the end result is that you are able to be more responsive to your member.”

When credit unions put members first, everyone wins. Listen to the “Connecting Core and Content to Give Members a Great Experience” podcast today!

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