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On-demand webinar: Modernizing enrollment management

Inside Higher Ed webcast.

Higher education institutions rely on admissions quality for tuition funds, academic integrity and research opportunities. However, the competitive landscape has grown more challenging, and institutions must make quality enrollment decisions accurately and quickly to ensure staff and student satisfaction, as well as future institutional success.

In this on-demand webinar sponsored by Hyland, Inside Higher Ed editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman discuss how higher ed institutions are attracting and retaining students in a changing enrollment landscape. The webinar covers a range of institutional efforts, such as:

  • Delivering a holistic education experience that enhances long-term student success
  • Expanding efficiency across university and college systems
  • Recruiting within diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) best practices
  • Leveraging content services to automate enrollment management while ensuring accountability, accessibility and compliance

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This is a webcast about some of the changes that we’ve written about that are quite exciting.

— Scott Jaschik, Editor, Inside Higher Ed


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