OnBase Integration for Salesforce

Strengthen business relationships with instant access to critical documents

You rely on Salesforce to manage customer or vendor relationships, but critical documents and content aligned to those relationships are often stored outside the system. As a result, staff need to spend time searching for information elsewhere — including physical files and cabinets, email inboxes and confusing network drives.

What if you could complete the picture? With the OnBase Integration for Salesforce, documents are centrally stored on one secure digital platform. Users can instantly surface relevant content like — contracts, invoices, bills and correspondence — directly from the Salesforce screen.

The OnBase Integration for Salesforce eliminates the need to manually search through disparate systems for relevant information, allowing users to:

  • Access related documents and content alongside corresponding Salesforce records
  • Gain a complete view of information for vendors, customers and transactions
  • Simplify integration within a familiar interface

Instead of searching for information, staff can focus their time and resources on value-adding tasks. For example, enabling access to vendor contracts and requests within the Salesforce record increases employees’ confidence in making informed business decisions. It also fosters trust and goodwill between you and your business partners by decreasing the time it takes for staff to respond to queries.

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