How Hyland’s content services keep companies on the move

Key areas transportation and logistics providers need to evaluate

To keep things moving, transportation and logistics companies need an effective content services platform. They require technology that streamlines operations through automation, provides low-code flexibility and allows them to better serve their customers.

This ebook outlines three core differences between Hyland’s content services offerings and those of other providers.

  • Not all repositories are equal. See how your organization’s needs measure up.
  • Hyland is more than a repository. Find out why expanded services set us apart from other content contenders.
  • Content services is more than a document repository. The platform that powers your solution is equally important.

There’s also a checklist to help you evaluate the content capabilities of whatever application your team is considering.

If you’re searching for a content services solution, you probably have a lot of questions. This guide has the answers.

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