State of Information Management

Key trends and actionable takeaways from the AIIM Industry Watch Report 2021

The battle against information chaos is about to get harder.

Driven by long-term trends — increasing volumes of unstructured content and the exponential growth of varieties of information — and a massive shift in the continuation of remote work environments, the wake-up call for organizational leaders has never been louder. Effectively managing information is no longer an option: It’s a strategic priority.

In this AIIM Industry Watch Report 2021, learn the findings of an independent survey on intelligent information management (IIM), as well as key recommendations to help you implement an integrated IIM strategy that treats information as a critical asset. Gain insights including:

  • Consequences of failing to align business and technology strategies
  • Why organizations need to rethink outdated, manual approaches to information management
  • The strategic importance of core IIM competencies

Organizations that act now to capitalize upon the innovations that were made under duress in 2020 will be well-positioned succeed in 2021 — and battle-ready for future information management challenges. Download the full report to learn more.

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