The true value of teamwork

We challenged Hyland brand ambassador Xander Schauffele to play a hole blindfolded. Fortunately for the PGA Tour star, his team was there to lend a hand.

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Hyland’s brand ambassador knows what it takes to win. Xander makes it his business to continually innovate his game to tap into his hidden potential. He’s proof that with the right team, tools and drive to succeed, anything is possible.

At Hyland, we help thousands of organizations around the world exceed their potential. Unleash your X factor with a partner who will take your performance to the next level.

Built on partnership

Learn how Hyland connects the dots that drive better business performance in the video below.

At Hyland, we constantly empower your team by enabling your business to outperform in ways that matter. That’s why over half of Fortune 100 companies trust and partner with Hyland. Xander trusts his team to have his back so he can focus on performing at the highest level. 

X factor: A unique variable that gives each and every one of us a competitive edge.

Let’s talk about teamwork

Watch our video to learn about big tournament trust. 

Golf is an individual sport. But Xander knows that having a team of experts supporting him is essential for victory, even if their names are never written on a scorecard. Throughout a season, up to 20 people are helping Xander succeed. “That’s my X factor,” he said. “On the course, I never stand alone. They’re all swinging the club with me.”

X factor: The X factor that Hyland provides to us is the partnership to help us solve problems within our organization.

Stepping up to the challenge