When speed matters, Hyland delivers

A winning team

Whether you’re racing to the podium or acing customer experience, speed and agility are paramount to success. Hyland is partnering with Alfa Romeo F1® Team to make informed, data-driven decisions and harness the power of information for continuous improvement and real-time responsiveness. 

In a sport where mere seconds make all the difference, Alfa Romeo F1® Team's lead driver, Valtteri Bottas, values progress, no matter how small. Alfa Romeo F1® Team is F1’s most improved team in 2022, thanks to continual testing, data acquisition and analysis, which help them adapt faster to an evolving competitive landscape.

At Hyland, we offer you the ability to quickly adapt processes, adjust workflows and optimize information so you can focus on what’s important — providing excellent service to the people who depend on you. With our configurable content and process technology, you — and your business — can pivot at a moment’s notice.
By applying advanced technologies and solutions to predict, respond and adapt to the speed of change, Hyland, as it does for all business partners, will help us make the next step forward.

Teamwork escalates performance

Watch our video to learn how small improvements can make a big difference.

Modern solutions require more than a pit stop. Alfa Romeo F1® Team relies on a solid car design and new innovations to race ahead of the competition.

The content services market is quite a bit different than F1, but setting the pace for innovation is just as important. Like our race partners, Hyland has a global reach, state-of-the-art technology and a strong commitment to excellence. Hyland Services teams up with our Innovation Organization to identify new technologies, product categories and market entrants that will change the future. This empowers our services consultants to bring innovative technologies to life and helps solve customer problems with next-generation solutions. Together, we look for every opportunity to drive improvement.

We share similar values with Valtteri and Alfa Romeo F1® Team: We'll work together as partners to drive innovative solutions for better business performance.

The speed, and intelligence, of automation

Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company

The full-service preneed insurance company embraced intelligent automation to realize an 88% return on its bot investment and a total elimination of lag time in line-of-business processing.