Student Health Software

The Hyland health clinic admissions solution enables you to quickly capture, process, protect and access documents to accelerate the delivery of care and increase student satisfaction.

Improve the delivery of student health services

With Hyland student health software, documents are immediately available to clinical and administrative staff – within the applications you use every day. Use of advanced electronic forms and electronic signatures helps facilitate a paperless registration process that speeds information to the appropriate people. The solution removes workflow bottlenecks, so staff spend less time on manual tasks and more time supporting student care.

With student health software, you can:

  • Complete a one-time check in that gets students the care they need at the speed they expect
  • Share information quickly and securely with clinical and administrative departments
  • Reduce errors and increase safety through collection of accurate data
  • Review information for returning students rather than re-capturing insurance information and registration forms
  • Focus more on meeting needs than processing paperwork