Ellucian Banner Integration

Streamline operations, improve performance with an integration for Banner by Ellucian

Your Banner student information system (SIS) is your go-to solution for managing student data. But, when it’s isolated from your school’s other systems, you create manual, error-prone processes that slow down decision making in your admissions, financial aid and registrar’s offices.

Integrating Banner with a Hyland solution removes these manual processes and increases efficiency campus-wide. The solution accomplishes this by:
  • Connecting the two systems and sharing documents and data between them, creating a single, central location for all information
  • Updating checklists and decisions updates in Banner in real time
  • Automating predictable tasks and freeing up staff to focus on core job functions

With the integration for Banner, you streamline your operations, automating processes and improving your ability to quickly and efficiently process a student application, verify a financial aid package, evaluate a student transcript and more.

Guarantees delivery of data between systems without custom code

The integration for Banner guarantees real-time delivery of data to the Banner solutions users rely on. If your ERP is down for maintenance or a record is locked, Hyland solutions queue the data to be delivered and keep trying until the data successfully reaches its destination.

With this real-time data exchange between our solutions and Banner, employees don’t have to double-check information in multiple systems, empowering them to focus on their core tasks – like serving students and faculty.

Examine how campus decisions are made

With a Hyland solution, your business processes start by capturing documents and pulling data from Banner into one central database. It then takes the data and associated documents and routes them around campus according to your workflow, tracks when tasks are complete, sends reminders when they are not, and writes the final decision and data back to Banner.

By integrating with Banner, the two systems share information in a seamless exchange. The out-of-the-box functionality of a Hyland solution makes fast work of integration. Its “drag-and-drop” configurability eliminates the need for custom coding or scripting and ensures mission-critical decisions are based on the most accurate, up-to-date data available.