The future of data management in healthcare

Using technology to solve healthcare challenges and face future patient care demands

Data management has been an ongoing challenge for healthcare providers since the proliferation of EMRs. No single, “off the shelf” product today meets all the data demands of the healthcare provider. Management requires a combination of digital software, services, training and internal application development.

Download this whitepaper, written by healthcare industry expert Signify Research, to learn more about:

  • The biggest challenges in data management, and the technologies used to address them
  • The impact of these technologies on care quality and the patient journey
  • How health systems can prepare for the future of connected care

Included are two real-life case studies:

  • How low-code, rapid app development improved Medicaid patient transportation
  • How content management and automation transformed access to patient information

In each phase of the patient journey, a different “mix” of data management technology is required. Care providers can lay the foundation for the next era of care by focusing on three core principles: precision, efficiency and connectivity.

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