Asset Management Solutions

Federal facilities and asset management solutions

Military bases have some of the most expensive, secret and secure facilities and assets. Managing such large and critical assets involves piles of documentation, process, difficult-to-store formats and multiple storage locations. Managing assets, work and service orders with files and paper-based processes is inefficient, slow and less secure. Important maintenance and construction becomes delayed when access to content means consulting paper documents and files. And, the lack of real-time and field access to documents and content makes it hard to manage work, inspect processes and sign off on completions.

Go digital to manage crucial assets efficiently

With Hyland’s facilities management solution, all the content needed to maintain facilities is stored in a central, secure document repository. Staff can search a single location for all relevant documentation for infrastructure and assets, and access information from any location or in the field. Digitizing content secures asset records without incurring storage space and costs.

Connect GIS, solutions and content, automate for faster action

Using Hyland’s content services as an integration hub, you can extend the impact of your existing facilities and asset management solution and eliminate wasted time switching between applications and paper files, including geographic information system (GIS) applications. Search from maps and data systems and retrieve content stored in the content services repository. Keep processes moving with workflow automation, and by replacing paper forms with electronic forms. And, with Hyland’s integration tools, you’ll allow personnel to capture data and documents from any system.

Support field work, efficiency with mobile access

By extending access to mobile devices, staff in the field can easily gather data and access information to be more effective. Hyland provides secure and mobile access to content and documents so personnel never need to worry about carrying physical documents to the field, or getting the information they need to manage critical infrastructure.