Check processing software solutions for credit unions

Bring your check processing in-house with a single, integrated solution

Stop paying monthly storage and per-click access charges for a third-party to house your check information. Manage the check process from start to finish, including check images, right at your credit union with Hyland content services solutions

A complete check processing software solution for Check 21

Hyland check processing software solutions help you meet Check 21 requirements, reduce check processing costs and eliminate delays. Seamlessly integrating with industry-leader A2iA, the software solution empowers you to perform courtesy amount recognition and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR) capture, providing you with a complete Check 21 solution.

With Hyland, your bank manages the Check 21 process directly, with full ownership of check images and related data. It also empowers your organization with:

  • Easily manageable security parameters, document privileges and retention capabilities
  • Automatic sorting for more accurate batch processing
  • Error correction tools and IRD printing capabilities

By taking control of your check processing, you save time and money, so you can focus on member service.