Innovation Showdown

What is the High School Innovation Showdown?

The High School Innovation Showdown is a team competition that tasks students to use their creativity to come up with an innovative concept that could solve a real-world problem. Teams will conduct brainstorming sessions, come up with project plans and work together to showcase their idea effectively.

Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Each member of the **1st Place team wins a $500 scholarship** to be used towards their higher education!!


How it works

Click here for full competition details, rules @ registration forms.


Teams submit registration forms and essays by October 1, 2018.

  • Teams can have up to 4 students each
    • Teams of students must be from the same school
    • There can bemore than 1 team from each school in the competition
  • Teams who submit essay answers that do not meet the minimum qualifications will not be accepted into the competition, and they will be notified after submission is reviewed 


Mandatory kick-off Meeting

Thursday, October 4 from 5-7:30 PM at Hyland's Headquarters in Westlake, Ohio.

  • Majority of team needs to be present at this meeting
    • All competition details will be announced at this meeting
    • Teams will get a chance to meet with their Hyland Mentor to brainstorm ideas and come up with project plans
  • Address and directions for the kick-off meeting will be sent on October 2

First Round

Teams work together with the guidance of their Mentor to create a 1-minute video pitch of their idea, which is due by Thursday, October 18.

  • Teams who are moving on will receive notification Friday, October 19

Second Round

Teams will work on creating a product demonstration of their innovative idea, which will be given to a panel of judges on Saturday, November 10 at Hyland’s Headquarters.

  • Only a mock-up of the prototype/idea is required, teams do not need to produce a complete product