March 21, 2023

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Hyland to host annual CommunityLIVE event at Caesars FORUM in Las Vegas Oct. 1-5

Signature conference provides Hyland customers access to innovative processes, actionable insights to drive better connections with those they serve

Hyland, a leading global content services provider, will host its annual signature event, CommunityLIVE, at Caesars FORUM in Las Vegas from Oct. 1-5.

Thousands of attendees are expected, and they will hear -- from Hyland experts and leaders, industry thought leaders, and other Hyland customers and partners -- ways to use Hyland’s innovative technology to foster better connections with their customers. More than 200 breakout sessions – focused on a mix of broad industry topics and specialized industry themes – will identify tactics that attendees can use to make their organizations more resilient, agile and prepared for future growth.

“CommunityLIVE attendees consistently tell us they leave the conference inspired and energized to move their organizations forward, and we anticipate the same energy this year in Las Vegas,” said Bill Priemer, Hyland President and CEO. “We’re confident our customers and partners will again this year gain the tools they need to innovate and drive better experiences for the people they serve.”

CommunityLIVE will focus on four key themes, as attendees will:

  • Engage with fellow Hyland community members for inspiration for their organizational vision, with more opportunities for networking and interactive sessions than ever before. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with peers, share best practices, brainstorm solutions, learn from experts and industry thought leaders, and support their personal development.
  • Optimize their existing tech stack by learning from peers who have tackled similar challenges – and experts who can share valuable insights and best practices. Training opportunities for all Hyland platforms will be available, as will some certification opportunities. Attendees also will learn about Hyland programs and offerings that can enhance the value of the solutions they already use, and discover tips to help drive organizational adoption and efficiency.
  • Expand the reach of their solutions by learning tips on modernizing and improving each interaction inside and outside their organization. CommunityLIVE attendees will learn how others are using Hyland products to drive radical — yet practical – innovation in their fields, and about new ways to grow solutions to deliver the greatest business impact.
  • Discover how to future-proof their organization, by leveraging Hyland’s latest solutions and the increased security and performance that entails. Other advantages afforded by employing the latest available technology include access to new capabilities, solutions and user experiences, and continued compatibility with the most crucial third-party technologies, systems and applications.

Early bird registration, which saves attendees up to $500, is open now through May 31 at

Joel Hammond
Manager, External Relations