April 26, 2022

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Hyland expands infrastructure to deploy new OnBase and Brainware customers on AWS

Hyland architecture provides flexibility, agility and support to help customers overcome IT challenges

Hyland, recognized as a leading content services provider with more than 1,700 cloud customers, has expanded its work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the increased cloud deployment and migration needs from its customer base. Working with AWS, Hyland will expand its Hyland Cloud infrastructure to deploy new OnBase and Brainware cloud customers and cloud migration environments in North America on the appropriate AWS Region – fully supported and managed by Hyland’s technical experts.

The strengthened relationship with AWS delivers an expansive infrastructure footprint for the Hyland Cloud, allowing Hyland to meet customer requirements with agility and scale, while providing a more flexible architecture that supports customers’ evolving information technology (IT) and business challenges. Backed by innovative technologies, security-driven policies and dedicated support from knowledgeable technology experts, customers deploying Hyland’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings on AWS benefit from its continued focus on cloud innovation and support for next-generation cloud solutions.

“Our work with AWS gives customers and prospects greater confidence and agility when deploying their cloud content services solutions, which are optimized for their unique needs and requirements,” said Will Milewski, senior vice president, cloud infrastructure and operations at Hyland. “With organizations continuing to evolve their business strategies to support remote work, cloud-based solutions are becoming the default and our relationship with AWS will ensure we’re exceeding our customers’ requirements from their content services platform.”

Over the past two years Hyland has:

  • Expanded the cloud infrastructure footprint of the Hyland Cloud
  • Deployed OnBase, Alfresco PaaS and Nuxeo Cloud customers on AWS Regions as the primary preference of infrastructure 
  • Listed OnBase and Alfresco Digital Business Platform in AWS Marketplace
  • Provided continued support for multiple Alfresco PaaS and Nuxeo Cloud customers on AWS, allowing Hyland to increase its AWS presence
  • Joined the AWS Partner Network (APN)
  • Participated in go-to-market opportunities with AWS for shared customer base

Hyland delivers Hyland Cloud solutions through co-located data centers or accredited public data centers, which both meet the highest security standards. Data is protected at every stage – at rest, in use and in transit ensuring security in every phase of data usage. The Hyland Cloud aligns to leading compliance and security standards including SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and NIST 800-53 ensuring organizations meet their compliance requirements. 

For more information about Hyland’s work with AWS and Hyland Cloud strategy, visit Hyland.com/Cloud.

Joel Hammond
Manager, External Relations