October 14, 2021

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DIN implements Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform to improve collaboration on standards globally

German standardisation institute deploys the Nuxeo open-source platform, now a part of Hyland’s content services offerings, to provide a centralised view of all standards-based content

The German standardisation institute, Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), is implementing Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform, a low-code, open source content services application, to improve collaboration on more than 5.2 terabytes of standards-based documents amongst its experts in Germany.

Founded in 1917, DIN is the independent platform for standardisation in Germany and international organisations such as CEN, the European standards body, and ISO, the International Standards Organization. It plays a major role in helping innovations come to market by producing standards, a document that specifies requirements for products, services and processes, and helps ensure the free movement of goods and encourages exports.

DIN’s previous document management system was no longer supported, so it began its search for a modern content management provider that prioritized collaboration, governance and security.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our experts to collaborate on standards in Germany, as well as internationally,” said Claudia Altmann, business project manager, DIN. “Because we work closely with the European and global standards institutes, there is a need for everyone to be working from the same system and information. Hyland’s Nuxeo content services platform provides us with a modern, scalable and flexible system that meets our experts’ requirements, now and into the future.”

DIN undertook a rigorous selection process, together with ISO, that evaluated three leading content services platforms systems assessed against a range of specific requirements. Automatic numbering of documents, watermarking and automated notifications were all critical features of the new system, with the Nuxeo Platform outperforming the other options.

Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform is a cloud-native, open source content services platform used by organisations worldwide to build content-based solutions faster and smarter. It is a highly scalable platform that exceeds DIN’s collaboration needs at a European and world level.

Within DIN, three national standards committees are currently using Nuxeo as part of a pilot program, ahead of its enterprise implementation later this year.

“Effective and easy collaboration is an essential component of standardisation, and content services play a vital role,” said Sean Baird, director of ECM product marketing at Hyland. “Our cloud-native and low-code platform helps organisations build smarter content applications and extract more value from their information. We are delighted that DIN has chosen Nuxeo as its content service platform and look forward to a successful partnership.” 

Managing a technology roll-out during a pandemic was not without its challenges, not least of which was having to work almost exclusively remotely. To aid the implementation, DIN was supported by Sword, the international consulting firm. Sword helped build the Nuxeo system within DIN, adding functionality, including a voting booth feature essential to DIN’s requirements. Sword also successfully migrated the content from the legacy system to Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform, overcoming technical and business challenge to meet DINs vision for the solution.

“Sword was an important partner in the implementation, with a strong understanding of how Nuxeo works and how that relates to our requirements,” said Matthias Wald, IT project coordinator, DIN. “The project was all about delivering a better experience to our experts when working on standards documents, and we are well on the road to achieving that.”

Joel Hammond
Manager, External Relations