Mater Misericordiae Ltd (Mater) needed to make a change. Its seven hospitals were disconnected and unhappy with the disjointed flow of patient information among locations and clinicians. Communication was suffering, paper records were a budgetary drain and patients expected more from a leading provider.

Enter Mater’s implementation of the OnBase enterprise information platform.

In this case study, you’ll see how a high-quality healthcare provider capitalized on an opportunity to improve its patient care model and increase its team member efficiency through a partnership with Hyland. With the simple implementation, including an integration with Verdi, OnBase went enterprise-wide and:

  • Created one source of truth
  • Secured patient information
  • Reduced costs
  • Kept options open for future growth

Download the case study to get the details about Mater’s healthcare content overhaul and how its director of information management came to think of Hyland as “more of a business partner than a vendor.”

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