Contract Management Solution Demo

See the Hyland contract management solution in action

Our contract management solution is easy to configure and rapid to deploy. 

Here's how it works for contract administrators, for contract requestors, and for management: 


For contract administrators

See the simple user interface and benefits of the solution for contract administrators, including: an all-encompassing view of contract-related task and activities, demonstration of how to create contracts using a built-in clause library,  the ease of routing contracts using configurable tasks, how a full audit trail of all interactions supports compliance efforts.


For contract requestors

See how easy it is for anyone at your organisation to request a contract. Our solution speeds up the process and creates efficiency for your legal department and the requestor. Legal can obtain all of the information they require prior to creating a contract by having a requestor complete a form. This creates standardization and is simple for a requestor to complete.


For management

Managers have insight into the entire contract management lifecycle. The out-of-the-box capability of the solution provides visibility into each contract stage and staff workloads. Using different filters, a manager can see different views and can drill down further for detail. The dashboard also helps to minimise risk by proactively calling out contracts that are about to expire.